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Donor - motorbike leather clothing manufacturer Donor - motorbike leather clothing manufacturer Donor - motorbike leather clothing manufacturer
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Donor Industries

We are indeed pleased to present you our web site. we have tried our very best to add all new models with creative designs to meet the present market requirements. We would like to give you more information about our organization, which was , our wide range of products includes high quality MOTORBIKE GLOVES/MOTORBIKE CLOTHING & AND SAFETY CLOTHING, etc...

Quality Assurance:
As shown in our slogan "ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY BIKERSWEAR", we are using latest HIGH TECH materials imported from Europe & other Asian Countries for the latest designs & demand of Motorcycle & Bicycle Riders, with a manufacturing facility & quality control unit, the company takes great care in manufacturing its products under the most rigorous quality standards with the help of latest equipment in motorcycle goods industry, Where the whole manufacturing process is done under the strict and effective direct vigilance of the management Conformity to maintain the highest standard, dedication and stringent quality control had, of course, brought us to the peak level today. but that is not enough for us. We are still striving to rise even to rise even higher just to serve you more effectively and sincerely. Donor is known for exquisitely designed products across Europe, USA, Australia, United kingdom and many other countries in the world. we have gradually progresses and earned the trust of many renowned figures internationally. Today Donor is a name synonymous with quality.

Child Labour:
We have Almost 300 plus Workers and Our products are "CHILD LABOUR FREE" for which we have made special arrangement by providing in-house facilities for our total product range. The companys out standing performance in customer satisfaction is reflected in its phenomenal growth of 100% over the past TWENTY years. We believe how ever that the best is yet to come as JAPONICIA continues to strive for even better quality for customers world wide. It is raising a voice against child labor and exploitative for local workers.

Product Guarantee:
We offer the very lowest prices for the best products, Which are also negotiable for bulk orders. We always stand guarantee for our products and any article found in consistent with the approved samples is replaced by us, as we believe in establishing lasting business relations, You will see we do nothing except what you want us to do. Desired quality, Timely delivery, Customization, lenient pricing are our tools to remain with you.

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